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Happy Education NO.1

One day I read Shanghai morning post that it took the interview on the child when they applied to the kindergarten in Shanghai. They have multiple tests such as distinguish color, count number, walk bridge and so on.

During the visit to Finland, I am very curious about kindergarten as a new mum. The Master and the teacher sincerely gave us the nice introduction.

First, it doesn’t carry on any interview to select children from kindergarten. On the contrary, children and parents choose the kindergarten by preferences.

Second, it fully respects child as individual. At home, sometimes we could see such a scene that the child is crying loudly when he is dragged into kindergarten by the parent. In Finland, there is a program called ’soft landing’, that is, in the first six weeks, parents can accompany the child in the kindergarten together, watching them eat, sleep and play. On one hand, it lets the child feel safe, slowly get familiar with new environment. On the other hand, it also allows the adult further check the nursery is really appropriate to the child. In addition, children can bring the mother’s photo, his favorite toy, and so on. It makes him feel at home. Everyone has the typical growth plan.

Last but not least, all the teachers in the kindergarten hold the master degree. One teacher is only responsible for the average of seven children. The little baby will get more care that is counted more than one child. Before the child enters into the kindergarten, the teacher visits the child’s home, talks with parents and get familiar with the habit of the child. It is no formal classroom training, but a lot of ‘play education’ instead. For example, the teacher lets the children know the leaves, grass and insects when they play in the forests. It is flexible to educate among different environments.
We had a nice conversation at that morning. The children were playing sands, swing and toys outside the house. We can see their smiles, listen to their laughs and feel their happiness. I believe that the happiness is most important for childhood.

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