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A fond farewell to World 2010 Expo and a hearty thanks to Shanghai

It’s funny, when you think of it, how time is slow when you’re working hard and pressing on, and still it seems to have flown once you stop to think about it.

The six months of the world’s biggest public event ever is over. The beginning in May was hectic and everything was new. The end in October was even more hectic, but we were all six months wiser. I lift my hat to all those who managed to build a temporary exhibition like it would last forever. I’m very proud of my fellow Finns and Chinese friends, who have worked so hard and have done such a wonderful job. Each guide deserves a metal for the good they did for Finland and Helsinki, as do event co-ordinators,  communications specialists, kitchen staff, waiters.. Everyone is a part of a network that made the Finnish Pavilion a success, not only architecturally (thank you JKMM) but functionally.

But an equally warm thank you goes to Shanghai for hosting such a magnificent event. Can’t think of many other cities who could have pulled it off. And while sometimes getting things done took some extra effort, everything worked out in the end.

So here’s a heart felt thank you to everyone who participated in World Expo 2010 Shanghai. Hope to see you all in Helsinki in 2012 for the World Design Capital festivities and events. I think it will be worth your while to come on over and see what it’s all about.

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