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At noon of March 8th, I visited the headquarters of Greater Helsinki Promotion (GHP) accompanied by Mr. Kimmo Heinonen, Innovation Development Manager of Culminatum Ltd Co. and Ms. Zhang An, Chief Representative at GHP Shanghai rep. office. CEO of GHP, Mr. Tatu Laurila gave us a presentation of the general functions of GHP.

The main purpose of GHP is to attract the investment and development to greater Helsinki region from all over the world.  So far, the well-known Chinese companies such as Huawei, ZTE, and BYD have set their R&D centers in Helsinki.

GHP is active in searching further co-operation with relevant ministries in China to help more Chinese enterprises to expand their businesses to Nordic markets.  Golden Bridge is a very important bilateral cooperation initiative between Chinese and Finnish governments.  Currently, Greater Helsinki Promotion Ltd acts as the project leader from Finnish side, co-operating with S&T bureau and also high-tech incubator center of its first Chinese partner Shenzhen Nanshan.

In Finland, there are many innovation talents, and country provides excellent innovation atmosphere.  Chinese enterprises could consider setting their affiliates or R&D centers in Finland if they would like to enter Nordic market.

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