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July 17th, Espoo Day

Espoo city is sister city with Shanghai.  It is very near Helsinki just about 20 minutes by coach, it is also famous for the Nokia Headquarters.

We took the Kayaking to visit Helsinki archipelago by followed the Natura Viva.  Kayaking is a quite special boat with the willow leaf sharp, long and narrow.  We put on life jackets, waterproof apron, got into the boat.  Waves hitting the boat along, paddles left about the right look with breath, balanced force, boat slip forward to obey.  It is very easy to control.

The sea calm waves, we felt very relax with the background of blue sky and white clouds.  We arrived beach safely. People likes it because it is a good way to close to nature.

I have met Santa Claus at Rovaniemi in winter, but I am very curious about where will Santa Claus be and what will he do in summertime. I am so lucky to get a chance to find the answer today.

Cute fairy was waiting for us in the village, After the warm embrace,she took us to visit a small sauna house, saw the letters sent to Santa Claus by the children all over the world.  Santa Claus spend leisurely life here in summer, sleep, swimming, reading and fishing.

We told him about the situation of Shanghai 2010 World Expo, all the Chinese children love him.  I presented the Expo mascot –Haibao as a memorial.  Santa Claus felt very happy and congratulate the success of Shanghai Expo.

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