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March 12th 2010

Today we went to Tallinn, Estonia.  Tallinn is a city located in the south of The Baltic Sea.  It was astonishing to hear that this little town has 800 years of history.  I liked the old-fashion architechtural style.

We left Tallinn at 9 P.M. and arrived in Helsinki around 11 o’clock.  I felt sad realizing that it was my last whole day in Helsinki.

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Tang Ye is the Investment Director of Global Institute for Innovation Management. Se enjoys traveling and is interested in culture and art of different countries and cities. She hopes to experience the Finnish lifestyle and is interested in the finnish education system.


Pia Näsman-Hao Teacher and co-ordinator of Finnish-Chinese bilingual program, Meilahti Primary and Secondary School Pia Näsman-Hao
Pia Näsman-Hao works at the moment in Meilahti Primary and Secondary school as a teacher and co-ordinator of bilingual Finnish-Chinese Program that started in the autumn of 2008. Pia is really enthusiastic about developing this program that provides teaching of both the Finnish language and Mandarin Chinese. Various subjects are also taught in both Finnish (by Finnish teachers) and in Chinese (by Chinese teachers). Pia is a primary school teacher and she has studied Chinese in both Helsinki University and Beijing University. Now in Meilahti she is teaching Chinese as a foreign language for Finnish children and science and history in Finnish for Chinese speaking children.