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Today was basically my last full day in Helsinki, so I wanted to take it easy and have fun wandering around.  Planned to visit Goodies recommended by a friend, but I was there too early, so I just started to explore this interesting block.  Suddenly I was strongly attracted by a window and I just “broke in” which obviously surprised the shop owner, because they were still in preparation.  But the designer was so cute and nice and kindly started to introduce his design to this stranger who claim to be interested in fashion.  His designs were very dramatic but super gorgeous at the same time, the new collection showing strong respect to our beloved Alexander Mcqueen.  The designer was Mert Otsamo who came in 3rd in Finnish <Project Runway>.  The shop will open in September, so stylish people in town, you know where to go!

Then Viivi took me to Tiia Vanhatapio’s shop, who is a very successful fashion designer who’s already made it to New York.  Her design emphasized on cutting and silhouette, the style being very feminine and a bit retro.  And you can totally tell the brand’s aesthetics from the designer, who’s sweet and cool, just like a pin-up girl walking out of a poster.  And Viivi even found the perfect outfit for Alvar Aalto Design Seminar’s opening that night!  Then we visited Minna Parikka’s shop, a shoe shop!!!  A lot of cute and interesting shoes!!  And the silk scarf from their new collection was gorgeous, can be a must-buy.

It was the opening for Alvar Aalto Design Seminar which was held in Design Museum, I can’t wait for the seminar in Jyväskyla!

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