Welcome to the capital of Finland – a place where the environment has always been challenging

When your airplane starts landing at the Helsinki airport you might witness two completely different views, depending on the time of year: either extensive green forests dotted with blue lakes or scenery totally covered in white snow and ice. This unique capital is surrounded by pure, wild nature, where temperatures vary between -20 and + 30 degrees centigrade. But regardless of when you arrive here, you can rest assured that everything works as promised, on time and exploiting the latest technology. (more…)

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Future Forward – Nora Pouillon

In Helsinki, Nora Pouillon, chef, educator, and organic food advocate, discovered kindred spirits in hosts Aki Arjola, chairman of UniOne Oy, the company behind Eat&Joy, a series of events showcasing Finnish food, and chef and restaurateur Jyrki Sukula, advocate for the organic food in the school lunch program. “They are working to rebuild the culinary culture of Finland,” says Pouillon. “Their broad strategy is to introduce organic local food and produce to the general public to foster connections and new access to the Finnish food legacy. People in Finland go to the supermarkets and buy things that come from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, wherever, and they forget their own culture. Through a farmers’ market, a store featuring local producers, and the school lunch program, Aki and Jyrki aim to bring Finnish food and culture back into the life of the Finnish people.” (more…)

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Cleantech & Environment

Finnish cleantech innovation starts with the challenging Nordic nature, which forces us to try harder, study more and solve problems with newest innovations in order to stay in the global game. Finland’s biggest resource is situated between our ears. 70 % of Finnish CEOs have a degree in engineering. This is one of the facts that make Finns solution oriented.

These days, a lot of focus is put on large scale environmental technology issues. Our answer to global environmental challenges is Cleantech Finland®, which is geared towards finding the products, services, processes and technologies which prevent or reduce impacts of harmful actions on environment. Cleantech stands for better quality, efficiency, progress, effectiveness, profitability and excitement.
Cleantech Finland® is a guarantee of cutting edge technologies and services as well as reliable and efficient business practices.  Finnish Cleantech companies are characterized by their agility and reliability. Technological solutions developed in extreme natural conditions, understanding of clean technologies and their demand and long experience are also defining features for them. Finnish experts are agile operators in solutions and projects. A good example of true agility is Finland’s ability to combine the private and public sector players to respond to customer demands.

Cleantech Finland already has success stories to tell. One of them is MW Power, the Finnish answer to renewable energy. It is the result of the common sustainable-energy agenda of the two global power technology suppliers, namely Metso and Wärtsilä. The joint venture is one of Europe’s leading providers of medium- and small-scale heat and power plants, focusing on renewable fuel solutions.   Another company, St1 Biofuels, is turning waste into biofuel in an environmentally friendly way.

Finnish Hiab has found a solution for providing a better waste management system, saving of 30-50% energy during the process. The results of the waste management pilot project in Nanjing, China, are encouraging. The solution designed by the Hiab business area of the Finnish company Cargotec clearly cuts costs and reduces the burden on the environment.

There are more success stories in Finnish environmental solutions and many yet to be found. The Finnish Environmental Cluster of China (FECC) is building solution oriented negotiation links between Chinese and Finnish counterparts in order to find new solutions for mutual gain. We believe that the best solutions can be found through working together!

Mr. Ari Makkonen
Vice President / Executive Director
FECC – Finnish Environmental Cluster for China

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