Haibao The mascot of World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is Hai Bao, which means the treasure of the sea. Hai Bao is a typical lucky name in Chinese tradition.
Hai Bao is confident, lovely, happy, witty and lively. Hai Bao greets you and wants to show appreciation and a warm welcome to friends from all over the world. Hai Bao is the good well ambassador of Shanghai Expo.


Shanghai World Expo Breaks 40 Million in 40°c

The Shanghai World Expo has now had 40 million visitors over the 106 day period.  With the Expo site heating up to even 40c, visitors are still eager on visiting the site.  The city’s weather bureau issued a red heart alert, the highest on a three-scale system.  The heat record at the expo site is 40.7 degrees Celcius.  Expo organisers have issued 1,000 ice blocks, 500 electric fans and more than 2.000 benches in pavilion waiting areas to help people stand the storching heat.  Not only is the heat a definite heath risk but it’s putting pressure on the city’s electricity resources.

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Gala Dinner for Expo Participants

A gala was held in honor of all Expo participants at the Expo Center.  Over 500 people from various countries and organizations enjoyed the event, featuring the Chinese muical, ‘’Jasmine Flower.’’  Executive Director of the Shanghai 2010 World Expo Executive Committee and Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade commented the success, ‘’China shall learn from the experiences and new ideas as you presented in the World Expo to accelerate its economic reform and embrace the future with a more open attitude.’’

The purpose of the gala dinner was to promote understanding and cooperation among all participants.

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USA Pavilion Breaks 4 Million

The USA Pavilion has now had 4 million visitors.  The USA Pavilion is one of the largest national pavilions at the Expo, covering 6,000 square meters.  The pavilion is divided into four aspects of America: culture, values, innovation and business ideas.  United States Commissioner General Jose Villarreal comments that the success of the pavilion reflects how Expo visitors have enjoyed touring the pavilion. (more…)

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Taipei Pavilion Welcomes 400,000th Visitor

The Taipei Pavilion, situated in the Urban Best Practices Area has now had 400,000 visitors.  Lin Jinhuo, the lucky visitor received a plaque saying ‘’400,000th lucky star’’ and other gifts including a digital album, pineapple cakes and two one-day tickets to Taipei International Flora Expo.  This was Lin’s first time at Expo and he was visiting with his family. He especially enjoyed the 101 theatre, which he thought was the most impressive exhibit in the pavilion. (more…)

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Chinese Valentine’s Day in New Zealand Pavilion

The New Zealand Pavilion has given young couples the oppourtunity of taking wedding photos in the pavilion’s beautiful roof garden.  Hoping it to be a special blessing, young couple Li Ruoxi and Fang Canqi visited the pavilion marking Chinese Valentine’s Day. (more…)

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Ecuador National Pavilion Day

The celebration of Ecuador National Pavilion Day has begun.  The pavilion, with the theme ‘’Round Heaven and Square Earth’’ features Ecuador’s beautiful islands, coasts, amazon and The Andes, all unique and exceptional. (more…)

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Panama National Pavilion Day

The Panama Pavilion celebrated its National Pavilion Day with the theme ‘’Modern City, City of the World.’’  The Panama Pavilion creates the feel of a Panama Canal, featuring photos, video and exhibits.  Panama, being the fastest-growing economy in Central America with the largest capita consumption in the region, also urban and economic development are featured in the pavilion. (more…)

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Online Visitor Wins VIP Tour in Finland Pavilion

The Finland Pavilion gave lucky online visitor an amazing VIP tour in the pavilion after winning an online lucky draw.  The visitor, surnamed Liu, his wife and daughter were treated to Finnish food in the pavilion and were able to experience the one of a kind VIP sauna room.  Deputy Commissioner General of Finland Mikko Puustinen welcomed the visitors to the pavilion, and presented them gifts.

Liu was chosen out of 30,000 people.  Around 30 pavilions have been invited to take part in the online lucky draw at

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Zimbabwe National Pavilion Day

The Zimbabwe Pavilion celebrated  its National Pavilion Day yesterday, presenting famous stone sculptures and African civilization.

The pavilion is created to set an atmosphere of ‘’houses of stone’’, the mysterious buildings from Great Zimbabwe (around 1270-1550 AD.)  It also features the beautiful Victoria Falls, using shifting light and other multi-media effects. (more…)

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Mexico Pavilion Presents Kite to 2 Millionth Visitor

The Mexico Pavilion has now had 2 million visitors.  The lucky visitor, Li Xiangwen was given a kite, a symbol of union of Mexican an Chinese cultures.  Ana Garcia, director of the Mexico Pavilion commented, ‘’We wanted to give this kite as a gift beause it is the symbol Mexico chose to express the union with the Chinese culture.’’ (more…)

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