Emily Yang

Emily Yang I’m Emily Yang, a design student from College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, Shanghai. I love cities, love to experience new things, try new food, and love being stylish. So the greatest thing for me will be, dressed “me” eating nice cuisine in an interesting city.



Today was basically my last full day in Helsinki, so I wanted to take it easy and have fun wandering around.  Planned to visit Goodies recommended by a friend, but I was there too early, so I just started to explore this interesting block.  Suddenly I was strongly attracted by a window and I just “broke in” which obviously surprised the shop owner, because they were still in preparation.  But the designer was so cute and nice and kindly started to introduce his design to this stranger who claim to be interested in fashion.  His designs were very dramatic but super gorgeous at the same time, the new collection showing strong respect to our beloved Alexander Mcqueen.  The designer was Mert Otsamo who came in 3rd in Finnish <Project Runway>.  The shop will open in September, so stylish people in town, you know where to go! (more…)

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Today I went on a trip to Fiskars, the creative community which gathers artists and designers from different countries.  The weather was perfect for travelling, sunny and cool, which made the train and bus trip into a joyful tour in Finnish countryside.  When I arrived, my guide Lasse was already there waiting.  He’s the shop manager of ONOMA shop in Fiskars and very nice guy who knows everything.  He showed me around the exhibition in Fiskars shop telling the history of how Fiskars transformed from a scissors manufacturing village into an active art community.  Then he let me explore by myself. (more…)

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During my stay in Helsinki I kept meeting cool people. One of the coolest ones was probably Tinttu Henttonen.  I was really honored to be invited to her home/studio for lunch.  Her studio/balcony was like this wonderland of arts and vintage, filled with, according to her words, “beautiful, useless but very important things”.  She cooked us delicious traditional lunch, and we had very inspiring conversation about her arts, her life and culture.  She’s such a great lady with very big passion and with guts as well, but at the same time, so pure and simple. I’m totally in love with her. (more…)

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Finally went to TAIK today, one of the world’s coolest design schools.  The school was a bit empty because the students were still on holiday, but I met couple of cool professions through Viivi, my guide to TAIK, and quite some interesting students’ work.  And I was so impressed by the amazing studios they have, wood, metal, plastic, and of course the film studio, I almost can’t help to get my hands on.  The best way to actually use these fantastic facilities, of course, will be becoming a student here, well, on my schedule book already!

Then I went to this furniture design firm and also shop, Vivero.  They collect nice pieces from young designers and promote them.  The space was not too big but full of great designs. (more…)

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Today was totally a day to be IN style, I visited the shops of two very talented Finnish young designers, Antti Asplund and IVANAhelsinki.  Everyone told me that I can’t miss these two designers. (more…)

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Today is my second day in Flow and we decided to take it easy and relaxed.  We went for a big brunch in this very cool place called Siltanen, the brunch was very good and I learnt that Finnish bees actually eat meat!  They just wouldn’t let my ham go until I cut a piece for them. (more…)

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Hardly waken from the Flow yesterday, I’m went on a guided tour of design district in Helsinki today.  My guide is Mia, a very professional architect and also an “insider” who knows these secret little places hidden in the city.  I got to know a lot about the design history of Finland and also what’s going on now.  Well, I think one picture worth a thousand words. (more…)

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It was a very sunny day and we went for some raspberry in the morning.  But apparently someone came earlier and there was not much left…the walk in the forest was refreshing though.  Then we went on a boating trip on the lake, I think I managed pretty well.  Anni said that I had passed the tests to be a Finn, haha. (more…)

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If you let a Finn name one thing you HAVE to do in the summer, it must be going to the summer cottage.  Of course I can’t miss this.

So Anni, Claudia and I decided to have a girls’ night in Anni’s cottage.  After two hours’ drive on the highway and through the forest, we finally got to this amazing little house.  Everything was so beautifully together, the cozy interior, the gorgeous lake view and the perfect weather.  Well, no wonder Finnish people don’t go out for summer holidays, they don’t have to, seriously. We sat on the terrace to enjoy the beautiful sunset on the lake with smell of the forest, I felt so peaceful deep inside.  Yeah, and of course my first sauna afterwards, super cool!

Then we had a girls’ candle light dinner, talked, my body was a bit tired but I felt so relaxed in my mind.

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Today is the day that I really shocked by the charm of the Finland nature.  The first stop was Hvittrask, this very romantic and delicate wooden villa, all the details showed a respect for the nature.  The villa was very nice, but the following surprise finding made my day.  We suddenly got to this incredibly beautiful lake.  My friend got changed immediately and dived into it while I was still hesitating with only my bare feet in the clear water. (more…)

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